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Core RulesStory Hooks


Every character starts with a conflict that manifests as a flaw. You resolve your conflicts and overcome your flaws by playing through your story hooks.

Creating Your Conflict

Are you searching for your lover who was kidnapped by the red wizard? Was your family murdered by a monster in the woods? Did the kingdom arrest you on false charges and force you into exile? These are all conflicts that drive your character. Choose a conflict that best matches your backstory.

Resolving Conflicts

You resolve your conflict by finding the red wizard and saving your lover, or facing the monster in the woods and discovering its secret, or by clearing your name and returning to the kingdom. When you resolve your story hook, you have two options:

  1. You overcome your flaw and advance your character’s experience. This may mean leveling up, changing your kit, and/or recovering your fate points, depending on the character advancement approach the GM has chosen for your table. Collaborate with the GM to create a new conflict for your hero and adopt a new flaw. You then come up with new story tags.
  2. Your hero's adventure ends, and you retire. Make a new hero.

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