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Sword & Sorcery

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Worlds of OSR+ are fully-integrated campaign settings that add new content to the Character Creator, such as classes, origins, kits, factions, cultures, and languages. Explore each world for campaign-specific lore, adventure modules, and game modes.

A Quest of Queens

Great White North

Magic University

The Dune Sea

Who Will Rule...
The World of Ruin?

This high fantasy setting takes place in the aftermath of The Fall, after the Great Crystal has been shattered and the High People find themselves on the verge of extinction.

With magic unleashed upon the world, new secrets have been uncovered and old powers renewed. Greed sets the Lords of Men against each other; nowhere is safe, as coming war threatens to destroy what remains of the World of Ruin. Many enemies survive The Queen Who Lives, including her treacherous sister, who has made her claim to the throne known. You are a survivor of The Fall. Will you help The Queen Who Lives restore balance in the world? 

Playing A Quest of Queens

You play a subject of The Queen Who Lives, whose quest to restore the world to balance begins with your pledge of loyalty to her cause.

Beset on all sides by enemies who seek to ensure the Queen’s extinction, you must seek out ancient sources of power, build coalitions with unlikely allies, and brave the wreckage of the World of Ruin to claim the throne of the High People before the Queen’s evil sister takes her seat…

Let the Journey Begin!

Nestled between The Lost Sea and The Night’s Ocean lies a cold, distant land, older than the Lords of Men and dotted with shrines to elder gods since lost to time.

Behold Farlas, jewel of the North and home of the warrior Tarth! What brings you yonder, noble wanderer? Do you hunt saber-toothed yeti in the frigid wilds with your barbarian tribe? Does the allure of archaeological wonder in the Great Labyrinth call you from across civilization? Or is honor your north star, drawing you well-equipped to commit mighty deeds of legendary renown? Beware the peril of journeying alone! When does your journey begin, and can you know where it will end?

The Crossroads Inn marks the crucible of destiny. What will you make of yours in the land beyond?

Playing The Great White North

This setting takes place in the northern wilds of Farlas, returning OSR+ back to its old school roots: The Great White North features unique dungeon crawl mechanics that bring to life the unpredictable mysteries of the ancient Great Labyrinth. You begin in the sprawling city of Tarth and its outlying wilds, where you can build your reputation through feats of honor, gladiatorial trials, and dangerous quests. The real challenge, however, lies in pressing farther and farther into the Great Labyrinth, which yields its most wondrous secrets only to boldest among you.

Who Will You Become...
At the Magic University?

Before you were born, you dreamed of this place: the Magic University, floating up there in the sky. You wondered if some day you might find yourself studying the High People’s secrets under the glow of the Great Crystal.

...Then the mentor revealed his true face. The beggar you saved showed you the way. The janitor opened a secret door. The confectioner revealed her final recipe. And you were chosen.

But now that it’s your first year in the world’s most famous arcane college, you’ve got so much to prove. Will you have time to save the world while making so many new friends?

Playing Magic University

This World of OSR+ centers on young adults navigating social perils in the midst of their freshman year at the University of Anselm—a high stakes magic academy for the world’s most elite wizards. Can you impress the seniors as an apprentice and score a vaulted position in one of the three Guilds of Magic? Will you survive finals and be able to visit Flymarket during spring break?  Besties, boyfriends, and baleful beasts stalk the halls of Magic University in this OSR+ high fantasy setting about what it means to be special, and growing up.

Destiny Awaits

The Dune Sea of Mamara: a land of tiny tyrants and fantastic fortunes. It’s a faraway place with a bulging sun and wind that sears stone.

But Mamara isn’t just a desert. To the east is Al Tufail, jewel of the Dune Sea, a metropolis bustling with cardamom stalls, rare silks, and sheathed daggers. Seized by the Sultana Meseampur in the dark, her Sha’ir now rule from a gilded palace. The old princes flee as the chips are down. In Sirokos, ancient cults vie for control of Syene, the City of Night. Are you brave enough to walk Pilgrim’s Path, into the Valley of the Dead? There you will find Al Kel Dekkash, the Tomb of Kings. Beware the bloodthirsty marauders, the roving Ammuti, and of course… the dune worms. And then there are the wastes of Doggerland, scoured by tourist Retainer Masters. Each greedy tomb raider fills the bellies of his airship with our treasure. (A curse upon his house and name!)

What will you find in the Dune Sea? And what will it cost you?

Playing the Dune Sea

This sword and sorcery adventure is a mix of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Aladdin: you play larger-than-life pulp adventurers seeking treasure, glory, wonder, and power.

Build your fortune by acquiring raiding tombs, solving puzzles, avoiding traps, and unraveling ancient mysteries. This setting features unique Lair Lab mechanics, where you can build your own headquarters as an adventuring crew. Set the stage your adventure in the immense Dune Sea of Mamara.

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