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Core RulesOverworld Play

Taking Action

These are the sort of actions you take in overworld play.

Strategic Phase

At the beginning each session, players decide what is happening in the overworld. You do this by creating global story tags that describe the action allied factions are taking. The GM goes last (acting on behalf of enemies and neutral factions), and the players roll overworld checks to see how successful they are in their efforts.

Military Phase

If there is military action to be had, the players act first and the GM acts last. Each player can either take any of the actions described below. The GM may take as many actions on his turn as his players have actions. When the GM takes strategic action, the GM automatically succeeds, unless there is direct opposition or intervention from the players.

If there are units on the map, at the end of each turn, the players may move any remaining units on the map that have not acted, and then the GM does the same.

Actions in the Overworld

Attack or Defend

Use a unit to attack or defend opposing forces on the map.

Engage in Diplomacy

Take strategic action to try to turn opposing factions to your side by engaging in diplomacy.

Engage in War Council

Create a downtime scene with other heroes or opposing factions.

Move Units

Move a unit across the map.

Recover a Unit

Enter a hex to recover a unit on the map.

Take Strategic Action

Create narrative advantage in the overworld.

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