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High People





Join the Changelings

The mysterious changelings are outcasts from society, reviled for their power to change their shape and appearance. They are cautious, skeptical, and even-tempered, with delicate but flexible bodies. They feel at home in the shadows or as faceless members of a crowd. Little is known of their people or their ways, but it is said a changeling is a powerful ally to have.


You may change your physical appearance and body shape to another humanoid form at will. You can’t mimic the appearance of a specific person. You have disadvantage on Mighty.

Join the Clockwerk

The Clockwerk are mechanical people powered by magical lodestone hearts. Their mechanical nature makes it difficult for them to recover from harm. They yearn to find their maker, a mysterious Artificer rumored to have created their entire race. These days they are members of polite society, logically-minded, hard working, and curious.

Natural Armor

Your natural armor soaks 2 points from any single source of damage. If the damage dealt from a single source would be reduced to 0, you take no damage (any subsequent source that would be reduced to 0 deals 1 instead, and then 0 on the next subsequent source, alternating in this way with each subsequent source). Whenever you rest to recover HP or wounds, you require supply equal to 1 gp per HP or wound to repair yourself.

Join the Daemon

These hardy people were very likely the result of some sorcerous tempest, merging High Person and dragon together into a warrior people. The Daemon adhere to a strict caste system, of which the warrior breed is the highest regarded. They are adventurous, fearless, and dutiful to their friends and family.

Sorcerous Touch

You take an additional +2 damage from magical sources and have disadvantage on any check to resist magic. You have advantage on Mighty. In lieu of moving on your turn, you can glide or leap the same distance with your wings.

Join the High People

Aristocratic, proud, and imperialist, the High People have slender frames and hollow bones. These elfin peoples once ruled from a sky city that long ago collapsed into ruin. They have a natural affinity for the arcane and a longevity of hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Arcane Affinity

You have advantage on Smart, but you have disadvantage on Mighty.

Join the Humans

Humans are a young race, highly social and extremely adaptable, their civilizations having survived countless upheavals over the course of history.


You may distribute 11 points to your attributes upon character creation, but if you do, you start with 1 fewer skill.

Join the Nim

Small in stature but highly intelligent, the Nim are renowned for their intuitive understanding of technology. Like the High People, their lineage stretches back long before the age of ruin. They are kindly, social, and quick-thinking. The Nim live community-oriented lives, and tend to get along well with people of all races. The old saying goes: “A Nim is a friend to everyone and a foe to none.”

Machine Affinity

You gain advantage on any check that involves engineering or crafting. You have advantage on Deft but have disadvantage on Mighty.

Join the Strongmen

No one knows where the Strongmen came from, but it is easy to spot a Strongman from a regular human because of their size. These bald, muscle-bound clones, despite their name, come in both male and female designs. It is said they lack souls, and thus magic is not their forte. They are brooding, loyal, and fiercely independent.

Genetic Fortitude

You start with +3 HP and gain 3 HP when you choose that perk to level up (instead of 2 HP). You have disadvantage on Smart.

Join the Tarth

These gregarious minotaurs hail from a distant north, where massive marble fortresses house the faithful many of Tarth, God of Labyrinths. The Tarth are known for their biting sense of humor and their uncompromising sense of fairness. Never challenge a Tarth’s honor. They say a Tarth’s faith is stronger than his shield.

Berserker Rage

You can enter a berserker rage, which lasts for the duration of an encounter. While enraged, you do not receive penalties to your rolls from accruing wounds and you have disadvantage on defense checks. If damage would place you on death's door, make an escalating Mighty check (TN 9) to remain conscious each round. You will not stop attacking your foes, even if your life is in danger, until the final foe falls. You have disadvantage on Deft.

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