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Digital Tools

Character Creator

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Unleash Your Inner Hero

Access the Core Rules and every World of OSR+ in one place: the Character Creator lets you generate a hero in minutes. With over 4000 possible combinations of origins, classes, and kits, you can create almost any character concept you can imagine. Register now to create a free account!

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The Adventure Begins With You

Manage your gear, spells, and adventuring journal all in one place. The Character Creator makes available all the rules from every OSR+ world in one point-and-click interface, with step-by-step guidance for creating heroes. No fumbling through 500-page rulebooks to go through character creation!

Access the Character Creator on desktop or mobile devices
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Why Play OSR+?

The World's Greatest RPG

Advanced Old School Revival


The World's Greatest RPG

Read online optimization guides and 620+ pages of instruction manuals to create effective character builds.

Advanced Old School Revival

Combine modular kits with classes and origins to create 4000+ character builds, without having to read more than a sentence at a time.


The World's Greatest RPG

Use digital tools acquired from a third party, many years after the platform needed them.

Advanced Old School Revival

Use digital tools built for the rules from the start.


The World's Greatest RPG

Grapple with an aging legacy of labyrinthine rules that require an obsessive GM to master.

Advanced Old School Revival

Learn the rules as you go in a single session.

Modern RP

The World's Greatest RPG

Get lost in the noise of "roll"-playing minmaxers aged 13 - 25.

Advanced Old School Revival

Join a culture of roleplayers of all ages who value modern storytelling techniques and old school gaming.

Small, Nimble
Design Team

The World's Greatest RPG

Be ignored by a subsidiary owned by a giant toy corporation that wants to make millions of dollars off endless print releases.

Advanced Old School Revival

Engage directly with the four independent gamers who created the system.


The World's Greatest RPG

Buy all sorts of polyhedral dice your grandpa invented.

Advanced Old School Revival

Pick up a single d6 to play; two if you're feeling adventurous.

of Mind

The World's Greatest RPG

Boot up a VTT or roll out your physical grid to make sense of encounters.

Advanced Old School Revival

Jettison your VTT for play that takes place entirely in the imagination.


The World's Greatest RPG

Grind away at headache-inducing, grid-based combat that can take hours to play.

Advanced Old School Revival

Enjoy theater-of-mind combat that can be resolved as quickly or as slowly as you want.


The World's Greatest RPG

Waste time stockpiling adventuring gear just in case you'll need a bar of soap in a dungeon.

Advanced Old School Revival

Declare items as needed, because of course your PC would have them.


The World's Greatest RPG

Spend hours pouring over adventure modules and monster manuals to balance challenge ratings for a single session.

Advanced Old School Revival

Spend an hour plotting your next adventure with monster stats that fit on an index card.


The World's Greatest RPG

Consider a countless number of mechanical feats and character options every time you level up.

Advanced Old School Revival

Get all the cool stuff from the get-go and make small, incremental improvements as you adventure.

of Collaboration

The World's Greatest RPG

Get harassed by literal Pinkertons if you accidentally get early access to products.

Advanced Old School Revival

Join a culture of collaboration and be heard by the creators, so we can make the game better, together.


The World's Greatest RPG

Wrestle with a traditional gamist ruleset that provides no meaningful tools to control the narrative.

Advanced Old School Revival

Use story tags, ethos, and fate points to make meaningful narrative choices in the game.


The World's Greatest RPG

Buy a fifty-dollar print manual that leaves you confused as to how to run your first adventure.

Advanced Old School Revival

Enjoy a free, fully digital, soup-to-nuts guide covering all aspects of running an OSR+ session.

The Best Part? It's Free.

The Character Creator and the Core Rules contain everything you need to launch a fantasy or scifi adventure, for free. Make unlimited characters and explore the Quest of Queens campaign setting. And if that isn't enough, become a patron and gain access to countless new worlds of OSR+ as soon as they're released!

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Subscribe on YouTube

Looking for OSR+ Actual Plays?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep updated on tutorial videos and actual plays. As part of the OSR+ Open Beta, we've recorded over 400 hours of actual plays (including complete campaigns!) that demonstrate exactly what a game of OSR+ can look like.

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OSR+ Features

Over 4000 Heroes

9 classes, 56+ kits, and 8 origins means over 4000 heroes are possible with just the OSR+ Core Fantasy rules.

Character Creator

Integrated Campaign Settings

Each World of OSR+ fully integrates with the Character Builder and other OSR+ digital tools.

Worlds of OSR+

Friendly Digital Community

Join players from all over the world in a vibrant community of play.

Join Our Discord

Digital-First Design

OSR+ was designed for remote play with digital tools to let you play anywhere, anytime.

Read Core Rules

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Are You Ready to Play OSR+?

Register for a free account and start partying like it's 1974. Looking for a game or new to roleplaying in general? Join our Discord to chat with other players, OSR+ GMs, and the creators and sign up for a new player session so we can show you the ropes.

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