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Core RulesMagicSpellcasting

Magic Points

Your start with magic points (MP) equal to the below combination of your attributes, depending on your class.

  • Mages have MP equal to their Smart + Smart;
  • Clerics have MP equal to Deft + Smart;
  • Psychics have MP equal to Mighty + Smart;
  • Bards have MP equal to Deft + Mighty

Magic points are expended to cast spells, and recover fully after a full night's rest.

The total amount of MP you have is referred to as your magic pool. You cannot recover more MP than you have MP in your pool, unless a spell or ability says otherwise. As you increase attribute scores that determine your starting MP, the size of your MP pool increases.

Non-Spellcasters & MP

Non-spellcasters also have MP, but MP is represented for them as a form of exhaustion rather than a reserve of magical power. For these heroes, starting MP is equal to Mighty + Deft. You recover MP as a spellcaster would.

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