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One-shots are complete OSR+ adventures played in a single, three-hour session. Join us as we create new characters on the fly and push them to their limits in the many Worlds of OSR+.

Fear the Light

SteampunkWeird WestEpisode v111/30/2023

In this one-shot, you play a crew of gunslingers who are heading West. In a distant American future, the PRISM Company struck gold in the middle of the country, having unearthed an energy resource called Red Tar. Prospectors from all over the middle country, starved by the resulting dust bowl in their territories, brave the toxic desert for a chance to reverse their fortunes. Stake a pit for the PRISM Company and RETIRE HANDSOME!

Episode Credits

FEAR THE LIGHT is an OSR+ adventure inspired by Worldbuild with Us:

  • Episode 98: Six Guns and Walking Suns (Fear the Light Part I)
  • Episode 99: The Good, the Bad, and the Shadow Ranger (Fear the Light Part II)

Production Credits

Game Ops: David DeWitt
Video Production: Jon Parsons, Courtney Staples

Music Credits

  • Wild Wild West, Gunslinger, Wild West Vikings, Jack the Lumberer by Alexander Nakarada
  • Slow Western Intro by Brian Holtz
  • Back On The Wagon, Blessed Return, Cowboy Dreams by John Bartmann
  • Tectonic, Villainous Treachery – Distressed, New Hero In Town, Hillbilly Swing, Still Pickin, Wagon Wheel by Kevin MacLeod
  • Jose Canoe Si by Philip Rice
  • Wild West (Long Version), Desperados, Campfire by Frank Schroeter
  • Windswept Plains, Oregon Trail (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0),
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