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Taking Wounds

Wounds represent the gritty stuff you have to stitch up or get counseling for. When you're all out of hit points (at 0 HP), you receive the vulnerable status and any damage you take from there on out confers a wound.

Whenever you take a wound, you receive an ongoing -1 penalty to all your actions. Once you have a number of wounds equal or greater than your Mighty, you are knocked unconscious and placed on death's door. Unless someone stabilizes you, you will need to defy death or die on the next round.

HP & Wound Track Table

1 HP or moreYou're still got some fight in you!
0 HPYou are vulnerable but remain conscious; each additional point of damage confers a wound.
Wounds < MightyYou're hurting real bad and your performance is seriously hampered. If you take too many wounds, you'll start dying.
Wounds >= MightyWhen you have a number of wounds equal to or greater than your Mighty, you're rendered unconscious and placed on death's door.
DeadIf nobody stabilizes you at the end of the next turn, you die.

Recovering Wounds

Wounds represent more grievous harm than the loss of HP. Like HP, you can only recover 1 wound with a full night's rest, and you may not recover HP while recovering wounds.

Depending on the lethality of the game your GM is running, wounds may take longer to recover than HP. Consider the following table to decide how gritty you want your game to be.

Lethality by Genre Table
Superhero1d6 per dayFull per day
High Fantasy1 per day1d6 per day
Sword & Sorcery1 per day1 per day
Low Fantasy1 per week1 per day
Horror1 per month (or never)1 per week

Optional Scars Rules

This is an optional mechanic you can use to enhance the lethality of wounds.

Whenever you are placed on death's door, you receive a scar. A scar reflects a permanent wound. You should confer with the GM to determine if the scar reflects a permanent debility to your character—this can be a mechanical disadvantage as determined by the GM, or some other non-mechanical narrative effect that your character will suffer from going forward.

For example, the GM may rule that you carry a weakness tag "Broken Hand" going forward, that confers -2 to any action involving that hand; the GM may then invoke the tag against you as he would any other story tag.

A scar may manifest in any number of ways: physical, psychological, or spiritual. Everything from amputation to memory loss to post-traumatic stress are valid forms a scar can take.

Table: Scars

Rollscar location
3Left Foot
4Left Arm
5Left Hand
7Right Hand
8Right Arm
9Right Foot

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