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Special thanks to all the creators out there who share their work with a creative commons or otherwise open source license. Where requested, we have attributed the creators of any shared assets used in this website and throughout the system below. If you believe we've used your work without proper attribution or permission, please get in touch so we can remove any assets you believe are infringing or provide proper attribution.

Use of OSR+ Materials

We are in the process of drafting a system license so that you can create third party materials for OSR+ without our review or consent. In the meantime, we reserve all rights to all assets on this website, with the exception of those assets licensed by others.

Other than for your own private personal use, you may not copy or replicate any content on this site on a separate domain (e.g., via archival methods, automated syndication, or page scraping) or any other medium, create derivative works thereof, or redistribute the content without our express permission.

About AI-Generated Art

We proudly incorporate AI into our design processes throughout our game system.

Our position is that our use is neither infringing on anyone's work nor ethically untenable.

Additional Attributions

Below is a list of creators whose work is used in the design/development of this website in an open-source or free-to-use license capacity, with the exception of software incorporated into the website itself, which is separately licensed. All other assets not credited here were licensed by OSR+ separately with their creators.

Submit a Copyright Takedown Notice is protected by DMCA Safe Harbor laws under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. To file a claim of copyright infringement against this website, you must contact Daniel Quinn (designated agent #DMCA-1028570), provide supplemental evidence that you have the legal right to make your copyright infringement claim against OSR+, and supply a complete notice per DMCA regulations.

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