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Unopposed Checks

Rolling Unopposed

Roll + Attribute+ Skill(vs. TN)

When nobody is opposing you, the GM will pick a target number (TN), ranging from 5 to 21 or higher, based on the circumstances. The result of an unopposed roll is a pass-fail result. Below are examples of how you might describe the difficulty of tasks like these.

Target Number Difficulty Table

Easy (5)

Anybody with half a brain can pull it off.

Average (7)

Basic competence is required, but there's still a chance of screwing things up.

Tricky (9)

It's not as easy as it looks; you need real training or things could go sideways easily.

Hard (11)

Most experts have trouble with the task, even with the correct tools at their disposal and a comfortable environment to work.

Stressful (13)

Only a master of the craft has any hope of succeeding at the task. Even in the best of circumstances, most fail.

Moonshot (17)

You question whether any amount of skill makes a difference, but you're one of the best in the world, so who better to try?

Legendary (21)

It would take a miracle to succeed.

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