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OSR+ Official Campaigns

Join Our Adventures

Join us as we embark on full-scale adventures in these actual plays conducted by the team behind OSR+. Each campaign is set in one of the Worlds of OSR+. Episodes have been edited for brevity, but all recordings were captured live and unscripted.

God Beyond the Portal

Dark Fantasy0 Episodes Ongoing

This setting takes place during The Long Night, half a century before The Fall of the Magic City of Muraius, when a mysterious darkness eclipses the light of the sun. In God Beyond the Portal, stress mechanics simulate your descent into supernatural horror as you seek refuge in the rebel province of Idania at the edge of the Empire.

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A Quest of Queens

High Fantasy0 Episodes Ongoing

After the Fall, the last surviving heir to the throne of Muraius embarks on a quest to reclaim her throne. But little does she realize that not only do the fate of her people hang in the balance, but the fate of the whole world.

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