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Core Rules

Leveling Up

If you complete a story hook that resolves your conflict, you get to level up. Otherwise, the GM decides when you do. Typically this is after the conclusion of one or more sessions or when the party has achieved a collective goal.

Improving Your Character

When it's time to level up your character, you get to choose a perk and a new stance. If you are a spellcaster, a new spell; if you're a martial hero, a new deed of valor.

Choose a Perk

A perk is a mechanical improvement to your character that makes it easier for them to adventure. You can choose one of the following perks:

  1. Improve any single attribute by 1 point
  2. Improve your total HP by 2 points
  3. Improve your total MP by 3 points
  4. Gain an additional skill
  5. Specialize in a skill
  6. Gain a bonus spell

Learn a Stance

A stance is an advanced ability that helps you refine your character concept. Whenever you level up, you learn a new stance.

Learn a Spell

If you are a spellcaster, you also learn a new spell.

Attributes & Leveling up

  • When you improve your Mighty attribute, your HP maximum also increases by 1 point.
  • When you improve your Deft attribute, your defense also increases by 1 point.

MP & Leveling Up

When you improve attributes that determine your MP total, your MP total also improves. For example, if your MP is determined by Smart and Deft, and you improved Smart, your MP total improves by 1 point. (If your Smart is 3 and your Deft is 3, you'd have a MP total of 6. If you improved your Smart, then your MP total would be 7.)

Specializing in Skills

When you specialize in a non-weapon skill, the skill gains a specialty bonus. This means when you make a check using that skill, the dice explode on a 5 or a 6.

Specializing in Weapon Skills

When you specialize in weapon skills, however, you add a new tactic to the weapon's class rather than a specialty bonus. For example, if you took the skill Weapon (Missile), you can use the tactic Precise with weapons of that class. But if you specialize in Weapon (Missile), you can add any other tactic from any other weapon class to Weapon (Missile). You could, for example, add Knockdown. Therefore when you attack with missile weapons, successful attacks confer the tactic Knockdown and Precise at the same time.

You can specialize in a weapon skill as many times as you want.

Specialty Skills

You can have as many specialty skills as you want. So if you already have Domain Knowledge (Botany) and want to take Domain Knowledge (Astronomy), you can choose the skill perk and take another specialty in Domain Knowledge.

Bonus Spells

Bonus spells are just that: you can choose an extra spell on top of the one you would ordinarily gain from leveling up. Only spellcasters can choose a bonus spell as a perk when leveling up.

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