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Core RulesGame Modes


These are the sort of actions you take between those action-packed scenes that might occur during exploration or encounters. Such scenes are usually character-focused, meaning the conversation is centered around developing an interior understanding of your hero, rather than outwardly changing the world. Other action you take in downtime includes recovering your abilities so that you're ready to resume the adventure.


Skip time to traverse great distances. When you journey, you might meet new friends, roll for strange encounters, or make random discoveries about the world at large.

Level Up

Choose a new perk when you've resolved your conflict, or when the GM has decided you've completed a milestone in the adventure that entitles you to do so.


Dig deep down and give an epic speech. This includes having an interior conversation that explores your character's psyche, or communing with your divine patron (one-on-one with the GM). When you monologue, the GM may reward the party with a global story tag related to your speech. Such a tag anyone can invoke once (then it's gone) to confer a +2 to any action that could be inspired by your speech, or a -2 to any action enemies take that could be threatened by your speech.


Skip time to portray activities that take a long time to complete. This includes working or training, carousing, making preparations (reforging the magic sword, building the fortress, seeking out contacts), and performing intricate rituals, investigations, or meditations.


Have a conversation with people you want to know more about. When you parley with other characters for an extended period, the GM may reward you with a bond tag. A bond tag is a tag you can invoke once (then it's gone) that confers advantage on any action you or the character bonded to you take, that is a result of your conversation.


Rest your head when the danger is gone. The rules for recovery include how to recover HP, MP, AP, and wounds. When you recover, there is an opportunity to Parley or Level Up.


Spend gold to buy more supplies or declared items, or search the scene to uncover supplies.

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