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Core RulesGame Modes

Overworld Play

These are the sort of actions you take in the overworld, a game mode that is concerned with what's happening to the world at large, outside of your heroes' perspective. It's a space to determine the behavior of factions, create global story tags that can be used in all game modes, and simulate large-scale conflict (such as wars between said factions). In overworld play, individual heroes are represented as commanders on the battlefield.

Read more about the rules for Overword Play.

Attack or Defend

Use a unit to attack or defend opposing forces on the map.

Create a Story Tag

Describe an event happening in the overworld by creating a global story tag that players can use in any game mode to improve their roll by +2.

Engage in Diplomacy

Try to turn opposing factions to your side by engaging in diplomacy.

Engage in War Council

Create a downtime scene with other heroes or factions.

Move Units

Move a unit across the map.

Recover a Unit

Enter a hex to recover a unit on the map.

Create narrative advantage in the overworld.

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