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MightyDeft, and Smart are attributes that represent a mixture of your natural ability and your adventuring experience. No attribute may start higher than 6. These attributes form the basis for your ability to solve problems in the game. 

  • Mighty characters are strong, willful, or resilient. 
  • Deft characters are agile, charming, or clever.
  • Smart characters are magical, calculating, or knowledgeable.

Related Attributes

Some abilities may refer to a related attribute. This is simply the attribute the ability is keyed to, and tells you what attribute to apply when you make a check. For example, the related attribute for Psychics when making spell checks is Mighty, so they would roll with Mighty when making an attribute check.

Interpreting Attributes

Attributes are not meant to be interpreted literally. For example, if you have a high Mighty, that doesn't necessarily mean you're physically strong; if that's how you want to portray your character in the fiction, you can, but you can also interpret a high Mighty attribute as meaning you have an indomitable will that compensates for your limited physical prowess.

Similarly, a high Deft doesn't necessarily imply that you're Spiderman: you could just be extremely quick witted, or gifted with a divine grace that gets you out of sticky situations. It's up to you to determine how your attributes function in the fiction.

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