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What Are Supplies?

Supplies are indeterminate items you carry that don't occupy space in your inventory until you declare what they are. Supplies come in three categories: consumable, cheap, and luxury.

You don't declare what your supplies are until you need to in the course of play.

For example, if you need a rope when the going gets tough, you can declare that one of your cheap supplies is a rope. Similarly, consumables are any one-time use supply, like a torch or an antidote to a mundane poison of like value. Luxury supplies are materially expensive things, such as a golden compass or a trusty steed.

The only things you can’t declare from your supplies are magic items, weapons, shields, or armor (or anything special the GM explicitly prohibits).

Exchange Value of Supplies

Supplies have an exchange value in gold. When you discover treasure, the GM will give you a certain number of consumable, cheap, or luxury supplies or have you roll a d6 to determine what type of supply you find (1-3: consumable, 4-5: cheap, 6: luxury). You can sell these supplies to merchants for gold, or keep them in your inventory for later use. This also determines how much it costs to buy supplies from merchants.

  • Consumable = 5gp
  • Cheap = 25gp
  • Luxury = 100gp

Weapons, armor, and shields all have unique values in gold (see their respective tables). Magic items (called treasure in OSR+) are considered priceless and are worth thousands of gold, as determined by the GM.

Typed Supply

In some cases, supply you find in the wild (or purchase) is of a specific kind, meaning you can only declare it as a certain type of item related to where you got it from.

For example, if the GM says you find 3 cheap supply at a mining site, the GM may also say that the cheap supplies are typed "mining." You would add this supply to your inventory with the tag "mining," to remind you that if you declare items from these supplies, they must be mining-related (a pick ax or a hard hat, for example). You can do this in the Character Creator as well.

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