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Caches are units like perils, except that they provide a benefit when recovered from the map. A unit must occupy the same hex as the cache to obtain it.

Using & Moving Caches

Whether the cache travels with the unit who obtains it, is used up upon its discovery, or remains where it's found, depends on what the cache is. Consider the following types of caches:

  • A cache that represents a bunch of supplies might immediately become available to the hero's inventory when it's obtained.
  • A cache that represents a super weapon might become attached to the unit that discovers it, and provide a special ability.
  • A cache that represents a fixed defense might become a peril that can be used against the enemy later when obtained.

Capturing & Destroying Caches

Like attachés and commanders, caches can be captured. 

If a cache can be destroyed, a unit must be adjacent to the cache and spend an action to destroy it.

No roll is necessary to succeed.

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