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Core RulesGame Modes


These are the sort of actions you can take when you’re exploring a fictional environment. You can act in any order you wish, interacting with other heroes, NPCs, or the environment.

Aid Others

Collaborate with a PC or NPC on actions they take.

Consult the Lore

Ask the GM to answer setting-specific questions based on your hero's knowledge, or create new lore in consultation with the GM.

Create Subterfuge

Sneak around or create disguises. Typically this is resolved by rolling a stealth check to establish a stealth score. The GM might alternatively employ a success check to determine the effectiveness of a disguise over larger gulfs of time.

Dungeon Crawl

Traverse a treacherous distance over an indeterminate length of time. While dungeon crawling, you may be required to make multiple checks to escape the danger. (A dungeon need not be represented by an actual dungeon—it could be an evil forest or a burning skyscraper, for example.)

Influence Others

Try to read the emotions or intentions in NPCs, or engage in social combat.

Investigate the Scene

Look for clues or study a situation or object. When you interact with the environment, you may discover things about it through clever lines of inquiry, or trigger a Perception check to reveal further clues.

Manipulate the Scene

Tinker with objects, cast spells, solve puzzles, or otherwise interact with the environment.

Stabilize Others

Prevent others from dying when they are on death's door.

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