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Worlds of OSR+


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Worlds of OSR+ are fully-integrated campaign settings that add new content to the Character Creator, such as classes, origins, kits, factions, cultures, and languages. Explore each world for campaign-specific lore, adventure modules, and game modes.

Fear the Light

The Long Night

Ride the Lightning

You are what you do...
in the dark.

Day by day, The Red Tar settles down from on high. Your fathers and your mothers, they die with lungs chock full. Your hometown’s abandoned; they’ve all gone West. PRISM Company’s been diggin’ and smokin’ up Tar, standin’ up tall buildings on the Coastal East, as the West goes dark. And all your brothers and sisters have gone to mine. You know they ain’t coming back.

A pale horse rides down the horizon. Yellow men go everywhere ‘cept the West, afeared of the sun and the heat it brings. But not you. You’ve got the sun at your back. You’ve got a war bag on your steed and steel in your heart. 

You’re going home, to make things right.

Playing Fear the Light

You play a crew of PRISM Company prospectors who are heading West. In a distant American future, the PRISM Company struck gold in the middle of the country, having unearthed an energy resource called Red Tar. Prospectors from all over the middle country, starved by the resulting dust bowl in their territories, brave the toxic desert for a chance to reverse their fortunes. Stake a pit for the PRISM Company and Retire Handsome!

An OSR+ Adventure...
In the Gentle City

Arcanum: the Gentle City, the City of Wonder, the City of Mysteries. Built long ago on the backs of clockwerk people, its secrets are lost to the centuries. The winding streets of the East and West End all lead in a spiral toward the seat of its child Queen. Her Majesty’s city remains the world’s lonely steward of progress and commerce: the first and last vestige of civilization, you call this great metropolis home. But even the Queen did not foresee the coming darkness.

After the eclipse, half the population has vanished from the world. Darkness fell, and day retreated… forever? Half the Peers under the council of the Queen are gone without a trace; half her supernautical airforce, unmanned and moored in the skies. Unscrupulous factions, from crime syndicates to hidden cults, have taken advantage of the permanent nightfall—all arrayed against Her Majesty, all thirsting for power. Who can she trust among the Peers of Arcanum?  

Who do you serve? And what do you seek?

Playing The Long Night

This steampunk campaign setting is set in Arcanum, the largest and most advanced metropolis in all the world. However, the start of The Long Night has created all sorts of perils in this once majestic Victorian jewel of civilization: shadowy factions have taken root, all aimed at dethroning Queen Madeleine II and her allies. You’ve been hired to solve mysteries in the dark as the City’s new shadow-age heroes. Are you up for the task of rooting out corruption in the Gentle City? Or will its corrupted roots grab hold of you too?

Life is short...
But the rail is long.

The world is metal and lightning. Ever since The Storm blackened the earth, you took to the rails. The rails cross seas of salt, plains of fire, and black mountains. You know life on the rail and the rail only, inside the belly of the world’s last great powers: the Battle Trains. 

Each battle train is powered by a hydrocore that draws its power from The Storm’s endless lightning strikes, which charge the rails. But water is scarce and the biscuits hang high—what little water you carry on your battle train is a sacred quantity, used as both a weapon and a recycled resource that gives life to its passengers. Your train is your tribe, and there are others out there who want to take it. 


This world of OSR+ was inspired by Worldbuild with Us.


Playing Ride the Lightning

In this OSR+ steampunk setting, the remnants of humanity persist on battle trains. Your high-octane adventures take place in permanent motion as you swing between the few Mountain junctions that supply and outfit the world’s steel behemoths.

Ride the Lightning is a high stakes grinder, where PCs have few resources and fewer HP. You can perish in an instant, but be back in the action just as quickly. Choose between a slew of fantastical new archetypes: the Air Tonk, Ashcat, Boomer, Conductor, Deadhead, Rail Priest, Union Rep, and Crashlander, as you brave The Storm and find fortune in a world that humanity left behind.

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