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Archetypes are specific to the many worlds of OSR+ and only apply if the GM chooses to include them in his campaign. An archetype is similar to a kit or class, in that it imparts a special ability you can use in the game. For example, in A Quest of Queens, The Executioner archetype lets you do the following:

The Executioner

You do what must be done, as the left hand of Her Majesty's justice.

Hangman's Smile

You intimidate your adversaries with a look, gesture, or turn of phrase. Once per session, you may confer a -2 to your opponent's attack or defense roll.

You will find archetypes on the OSR+ when you visit a particular world of OSR+.

Archetypes in the Character Creator

You can access archetypes in the Character Creator if you have activated an edition that includes them via your Realm Settings.

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