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Core RulesAirships

Armor & Damage

Armor Points & Soak

Airships generally can't be harmed by the weapons you wield as a hero; they take damage from siege weapons, such as those equipped to other airships. Airships also do not have hit points; instead, they only have AP, and the amount of AP an airship has is determined by its class.

Similarly, airships may have a soak that's derived from their type. The rules of soak are the same for airships as they are for heroes.

Disabling Airship Systems

The ship's systems cannot be disabled until the ship's AP becomes 0. Once the ship has 0 AP, it's considered to have a compromised hull, and each successful attack roll against the ship that deals damage will disable one of its systems. To determine which system is disabled, roll a d6:

  • 1: Engine Core
  • 2: Bridge Controls
  • 3, 4, or 5: A random auxiliary system or weapon
  • 6: Thrusters

If you roll a system that's already disabled, roll again.

Rerouting Power to Disabled Systems

A disabled system can be restored to working order temporarily if you take another system offline to power it. For example, if the ship's engine core is disabled and the ship is in freefall, you can route power from an auxiliary system to restore the ship's engines.

  • This can only be done from the Engine Room and takes a round per system routed in this way. (If you have multiple crew assigned to the Engine Room, you can reroute multiple systems at the same time.)
  • The system you bring back online will stay online as long as the system you took offline is not itself disabled.

Repairing Damage

The ship's systems lose their disabled status if the ship has at least 1 AP. It costs 100 gold to repair 1 AP of damage.

Derelict Status

The ship is considered derelict if there is not enough power to make any system operable, and it has 0 AP.

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