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Core RulesAirships

Airship Anatomy

Each airship has a similar anatomy of rooms and systems. Your airship has a number of slots for auxiliary systems and weapons equal to its class.

Airship Rooms

Every ship includes the following rooms:

Crew Quarters

Supports its crew capacity.

Engine Room

Contains the lodestone, where the crew can control the Engine Core.

The Bridge

The captain and its crew can control the Bridge ControlsAuxiliary Systems, and Thrusters from this room.


A number of slots for weapons or auxiliary systems, equal to its class.

Each system must be manned from one of the ship's rooms in order to be operated. You can have a number of crew manning each room equal to your ship's class.

Airship Systems

All airships have four systems, in addition to any weapons.

Engine Core

The engine core contains the lodestone and can reroute power to all other systems. If it's damaged, the ship loses flight.

BRidge Controls

The ship's bridge controls allow the captain to pilot the ship (change direction, take evasive maneuvers, or activate auxiliary systems). If damaged, the captain cannot change course or activate auxiliary systems.

Auxiliary Systems

These systems come from upgrades. If damaged, the upgrade provides no benefit.


The ship's thrusters power locomotion. If damaged, the ship cannot move.


If damaged, the weapon cannot be used.

Regaining MP

Some airship abilities require MP to use. Airships regain their MP after 24 hours of recharging. An airship can recharge when it is not actively engaged in combat or making heavy use of its lodestone engine.

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