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Rolling a Skill Check

Roll + Attribute+ Skill(vs TN)

A skill check is a type of attribute check where you add a +2 if you have a skill that applies to the roll. Roll a d6, add your related attribute score, then add a +2 for the skill. The related attribute score in this case is determined by the skill. For example, Lore checks have Deft as their related attribute. These checks may also be referred to by the skill they entail, so in our example the GM might call for a Lore check.

Adjacent Skills

Each skill has a related attribute. For example, the skill Influence is related to the Mighty attribute. This means when you roll a skill check for Influence, you use Mighty as the attribute. In special contexts, the GM may rule that you can use a skill with an unrelated attribute.

However, if you are proficient in an adjacent skill, you can use skills with unrelated attributes. For example, if you are proficient in the skills Domain Knowledge (Diplomacy) and Influence, you can use Smart as your related attribute when making an Influence check because Domain Knowledge is a Smart skill.

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