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Random Adventures

Trope Le Monde

Pull up a stool at the Trope Le Monde as our adventurers embark on a drunken, randomly generated adventure. In this actual play series hosted by the one and only gastronome Jonnie Law, four-to-five player characters are cursed to perform fetch quests for a disgruntled archmage named Mergrim Mennetestor. Watch as our friendly neighborhood GM struggles to whip up a 3-hour session in 20 minutes, while our players invent characters based on randomly rolled pejoratives like "Cannibalistic Ass-Kicking Force Knight" and "Incontinent Sadistic Precog."

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Wanna Know How I Got This Scar?
Christmas Comes Early for Appleblossom
Fun Facts About "Creamy" Sake
Lawfully Dope
The Ballad of Cheesy Cynthia (Part 2)
The Drinking Lesson
Chaotic Dickish
Gay Pride Basilisk
Embracing Our Fears (Part 2)
Pants Optional Policies
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