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Core RulesAirships


Airship combat is otherwise identical to normal combat, except that the actions you can take while using the airship are limited to the system you're manning.

One of you serves as the captain and must man the Bridge. Everyone involved in manning a system acts on the same initiative as the captain.

For example, if you're in the engine room and you need to reroute power from one system to another, you take that action on your turn. Similarly, if you are manning a weapon and you'd like to attack an enemy ship, you can make an attack using the related attribute of the ship on your turn. You cannot hold your turn when engaging in airship combat.

Taking Ship Actions

Which action you can take depends on what system you're managing on the ship. Each crewmember manning a system may take a single action each round:

Route PowerMove power from one system to another.Engine Core
Move the ShipMove the ship in any direction, up to one encounter space.Thrusters
Use an Auxiliary SystemUse the ability of an auxiliary system.Auxiliary System
Take Evasive ManeuversTake evasive maneuvers to confer disadvantage on your opponent's attacks in the round. If you take evasive maneuvers, you cannot use weapon systems.Bridge
Attack with a WeaponAttack with the weapon.Weapons

Reflexes & Perception

If the captain manning the Bridge has Reflexes, you may add +2 to the ship's defense. Similarly, if the captain has Perception, you may add +2 to the ship's initiative.

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