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Play the Bard

You are a singing herald, erudite lorekeeper, or deft street performer. Your talent in the fine arts is so great that it verges on magic, and people are drawn to you from far and wide. You have access to spells and your starting MP is Deft + Mighty.


Choose an art: singing, dancing, or playing. You may choose to make the duration of any spell you cast indefinite, as long as you are performing your art (the duration of your spell is 0 as opposed to a number of rounds equal to your level plus the MP you spend). If you choose to do so, you cannot cast concentration spells or attack while performing your art. Your art must make noise audible to all in the encounter to work. You may use Performance in lieu of any Arcana skill with your maleficence or spell checks.

Play the Cleric

You are an acolyte, spiritualist, war priest, or healer. The miracles you create are the direct result of your divine patron's intervention in the world. You have access to spells and your starting MP is Deft + Smart.


You have the power to ward off evils opposed to your faith, be they undead hordes or the powers of other unholy creatures. For each such opponent, you may spend 1 MP to force them to make an opposed spell check using Deft in order to attack or cast spells against you. You cannot cast concentration spells or attack while warding off evil in this way. Moreover, you may make an opposed spell check using Deft to expend MP and dispel the magic of such opponents. To absorb an opponent’s magic, you must spend MP equal to the MP your opponent spent to cast the spell. In order to use this ability in combat, you must not have already acted in the round.

Play the Daredevil

You are a soldier of fortune, occult investigator, or intrepid treasure hunter. Your almost supernatural ability to defy danger draws you to the unknown and unexplored.

Defy Danger

For 2 MP, you may gain advantage on any roll of your choice (except attacks). You also start with 4 fate points instead of 3. When you switch stances, it does not cost you MP, and you may choose a stance at character creation. The maximum amount of fate points you can accrue is 4.

Play the Fighter

You are a fearsome barbarian, swift sharpshooter, or hardy pugilist. Your life has been an exercise in training for the ultimate battle.

Combat Expertise

You may make a second attack on your turn. Your second attack is made with disadvantage. As long as you have MP, you may use any attack available in the round as a reaction against your opponent if they attempt to disengage from your melee space. Such attacks are made with advantage.

Play the Mage

You are a brilliant academic, wizened hermit, or mysterious sorcerer who has learned to speak the secret language of the universe. You have access to spells and your starting MP is Smart + Smart.

Arcane Adept

As a reaction, you may make a spell check using Smart to dispel the magic of your enemies if you have not already acted in the round. You may absorb their spell before its targets are affected by the magic as long as your opponent is visible to you. To absorb an opponent’s magic, you must spend MP equal to the MP your opponent spent to cast the spell. As long as you have MP (and at the GM's discretion), you can create minor, illusory cantrips related to your maleficence. Such cantrips are instantaneous and harmless, and cannot duplicate the effects of any other spells.

Play the Paladin

You are a holy knight, legendary dragonslayer, or genius ghost hunter. Your righteous cause sustains you.

Sacred Touch

Choose a maleficence. For 1 MP, you may apply the peril of your maleficence to an attack with your weapon (this does not count as an action). For 3 MP, you may convert your maleficence into healing energy that recovers 1d6 HP to any target you touch. A paladin's maleficence is not subject to magic penalties conferred by armor or shields.

Play the Psychic

You are a traveling seer, powerful empath, or strange occultist. You have learned to transform the subjective power of your belief into psionic energy, imposing your will on the reality of others. You have access to spells and your starting MP is Mighty + Smart.

Mind Over Body

You can convert attribute points into MP, which are restored when you rest. While you gain MP from converted attribute points immediately upon conversion, reduce your attributes at the end of the round. If all your attribute points are reduced to 0 HP this way, you are immediately placed on death's door. As long as you have MP, you can detect the presence of sentience within a melee space by concentrating for 1 round.

Play the Ranger

You are a slick gunslinger, merciless bounty hunter, or slayer of demons. You operate expertly in untamed spaces, be they the open sea, the wilderness, or the urban jungle.


You have advantage when tracking or hunting prey and performing stealth maneuvers or survival tactics in the wilderness (or any such terrain you're familiar with). You always have at least 1 cheap supply, even when imprisoned or disarmed. Such supply has no resale value.

Play the Rogue

You are a professional thief, deadly secret agent, or ruthless pirate, operating outside the laws of polite society.


You have advantage when creating disguises, tinkering with mechanisms, or performing stealth maneuvers. You start with 1 extra skill.

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