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God Beyond the Portal
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What Did You Lose
to the Long Night?

This soon-to-be-released dark fantasy setting takes place during The Long Night, when a mysterious darkness eclipses the light of the sun. In The God Beyond the Portal, stress mechanics simulate your descent into madness as you seek refuge among the rebel factions of fallen lords and shadowy cultists.

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Explore Featured Content

Idania, the Rebel Province...

A Land of Seers
& Sorceries

Here you find yourself at the edge of civilization, where the Emperor’s eyes and ears operate from the Citadel of Navara. A swift and ruthless Inquisitor shines the light of Avestar on both the faithful and heretic. Why did you flee to the edge of the world? What secret burden do you carry with you?

A New Sect Promises...

Healing in a Time
of Darkness

A new sect appears in the city Navara, called the Church of Illumination. What secret power lies behind their faith? The Emperor’s Inquisitor paints the Illumn Laity as heretics, persecuting them at every turn. For good or ill, you find your fate inextricably entwined with this new religion. What hidden truth will the light of the Church reveal to you?

Who Can You Trust...

In a World Cloaked
in Shadow?

A secret war brews against the Emperor’s Provisional Council. Unbeknowst to you, the otherwordly power of the Half-Light Shards draw you and your companions toward a dark mystery at the heart of the city. Will you uncover the truth before your mind unravels?

Choose Your Destiny

The Magician

You are apprenticed to someone powerful seeking truth in the Church of Illumn.

The Lovers

You lost a beloved to the Church of Illumn and are determined to save them from it.

The Fool

You lost everything to misfortune, and seek redemption in the Church of Illumn.

The Hanged Man

You are a traitor to the Emperor and seek refuge in the Church of Illumn.

The Hierophant

You are plagued by prophecy and seek salvation from the Church of Illumn.

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