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Worlds of OSR+

Dark Fantasy

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Worlds of OSR+ are fully-integrated campaign settings that add new content to the Character Creator, such as classes, origins, kits, factions, cultures, and languages. Explore each world for campaign-specific lore, adventure modules, and game modes.

God Beyond the Portal

Masks of Moruin

The Plunge

As Above... So Below.

When the darkness came, no one knew how long it would last. The chaos of imperial occupation tests the people of Idania, but they are as resourceful as they are shrewd. Some say the gods of old have abandoned their followers, and many have lost their faith.

Here you find yourself at the edge of civilization, the final holdout against a fledging Empire: Idania, the rebel province. A land of seers and sorceries.

But a new sect appears in the city Navara, called the Church of Illumination. The Ilumn Laity promise healing in a time of darkness, but what secret power lies behind their faith? The Emperor’s Inquisitor paints the Illumn Laity as heretics, persecuting them at every turn. For good or ill, you find your fate inextricably entwined with this new religion.

Why did you flee to the edge of the world? What hidden truth will the light of the Church reveal to you?

Playing God Beyond the Portal

This setting takes place during The Long Night, half a century before The Fall of the Magic City of Muraius, when a mysterious darkness eclipses the light of the sun. In God Beyond the Portal, stress mechanics simulate your descent into madness as you seek refuge in the rebel province of Idania at the edge of the Empire.

There, rebel factions directed by shadowy lords, seers, and cultists wage a secret war against the Emperor’s Provisional Council. Unbeknowst to you, the hidden power of the Half-Light Shards draws you and your companions toward a dark mystery at the heart of the city. Will you uncover the truth before your mind unravels?

Who Killed the World?

It’s 20,000 years in the future. You huddle for safety under the Domes, where the power of the Old Machines help you survive. Everywhere, you hear the sound of the Tones, a low hum that fills the world. You find yourself in the land of Moruin, where the Tribes of Men gather, their leaders seeking the Source of the Tones.

The earth has reclaimed the Old Kingdoms.
The seas are poison.
Life is wicked.
The weather is violence.

Who killed the world?

Playing Masks of Moruin

In this Dying Earth hex crawl, you make up part of a motley crew of adventurers tasked with exploring the weird land of Moruin, an unpredictable and desolate landscape of strange magic and even stranger peoples. The Outlands are full of unnatural hazards. Whatever magical cataclysm occurred in the past caused the lands to be poisoned by radioactive numenic ore. This meteoric material blankets every landscape, from the irradiated grasses of the Far Forest to the lifeless mountaintops near Necropolis. And should you venture far enough to avoid the subtle heat, it is said an endless poisoned ocean waits for you beyond the reach!

Will you survive...
The Plunge?

The mystical city of Telrain, a megatropolis dotted with sky-piercing Clockwerk towers, has fallen into disarray as a devious plot to overthrow a bureaucracy of complacent Nim plunges the city into chaos! Hordes of Barney’s Union of Telrainian Traders (the BUTTs) climb the socially-stratfied floors of the towers in an attempt to take advantage of the chaos. It’s up to you to stand in for the missing stewards of the Safety Commission. But will you restore order, or usher in a new regime, for good or ill?

This OSR+ campaign is set during the first moments of The Long Night, when a genocidal cult led by Nim despot takes control over Telrainian government with plans to eradicate its non-Nim residents.

In the race against the clock of a ticking time-bomb, you must reach The Peak while solving the mystery of this plot before it’s too late.

Playing The Plunge

This OSR+ campaign setting features a unique dungeon crawl spread across numerous interlocking towers, as well as survival-horror mechanics to make your adventure all the more deadly.  Wage a war of attrition with usage dice governing equipment, alternative rest and recovery rules, and the addition of bargaining spaces to turn rampaging foes into allies of convenience. Can you build the coalition necessary to survive the chaos of the fall of Telrain?

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