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Drunk History Meets RPG

Dungeons & Flagons

About the Show

Pull up a stool at the Trope Le Monde as our adventurers embark on a drunken, randomly-generated mis-adventure. In this actual play series hosted by the one and only gastronome Jonnie Law, four-to-five player characters are cursed to perform fetch quests for a disgruntled archmage named Mergrim Mennetestor. Watch as our friendly neighborhood GM struggles to whip up an hour and a half session in 10 minutes, while our players invent characters based on randomly rolled pejoratives like “Cannibalistic Ass-Kicking Force Knight” and “Incontinent Sadistic Precog.”

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With Your Host, Jonnie Law...

Interested in participating in an episode of Dungeons & Flagons? Not only do guests get sloshed on a beverage of their choice, but they also get to hawk their wares. Get in touch with the creators of OSR+ and join our community on Discord.

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A Taste of D&F

Eat Our Shorts

Wanna Know How I Got This Scar?
Christmas Comes Early for Appleblossom
Fun Facts About "Creamy" Sake
Lawfully Dope
The Ballad of Cheesy Cynthia (Part 2)
The Drinking Lesson
Chaotic Dickish
Gay Pride Basilisk
Embracing Our Fears (Part 2)
Pants Optional Policies

What to Expect


As our guest, you'll be rolling for the Situation, Scene, and Unexpected Guests that the GM will then incorporate into the adventure. The whole adventure is generated on the fly! Nobody knows what's going to happen before we play.

Play Horrible, Absurd Characters!

We'll roll randomly for two adjectives and a kit or class that describe each character, then it's up to you to build a hero on the spot. The combo is going to be absurd. Be prepared to play a Cake-Loving Sheltered Monk or a Sweaty Ex-Smoking Swashbuckler, for example. You never know what you're gonna get.

Drink UP & Have Fun!

Before we play, we'll ask you a little something about yourself, and if you have any projects you're working on. Remember: D&F is a parody of OSR+. Don't be afraid of making a fool out of yourself. Nobody's going to try harder than your GM!

How to Prepare

Visit Our Discord

You need to join our Discord and sign up for D&F to be eligible to play. All sessions are video and audio recorded, and your session may appear on our YouTube channel. You'll need to sign a release so we can use the footage on our channel, prior to playing with us.

Get Your Gear Ready

You need 2 six-sided dice and 1 twenty-sided die to play. You also need a laptop or desktop, headphones, a mic, and webcam for the recording. Find a comfortable, quiet place to park yourself for the next three hours. It'll be a wild ride!

Pick Your Poison

As our guest, you decide what we're drinking. Make sure you let our host Jonnie Law know the drink of choice at least 1 week in advance of your session. Before our adventure, he'll give us a little history lesson about your drink.

Drinks We've Covered

Everything is on Fire

High School Science Fair
Hard Seltzer

Ouiji Board Recall

Coronation of a Dumb King

Pajama Party
Tiki Drinks

Wheel of Misfortune

The People is Food
Coffee Liqueur

Interdimensional Oopsie

First Day of Work in Hell
BYOB Pairings

End of the World

Last Day of School
Sex on the Beach

Tough Mudder Race
New Western Gin

Food Bank Heist

Night at the Museum

Underground High-Speed Racing

Answering a Personal Ad
Piña Colada

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