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Advanced Old School Revival is ever-evolving. We’re hard at work developing new Worlds of OSR+ and digital tools to support them. You can embark on your adventure with a free NPC account or you can support us by signing up for a Player, GM, or Legend subscription. You’ll gain access to all premium content in our digital tools as they’re developed and receive special patron status in our online community.

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NPC Tier Subscription

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Gain access to all OSR+ digital tools with a free NPC tier subscription. You can create unlimited heroes with the Fantasy Core Rules and the Quest of Queens campaign setting.

* Please note: OSR+ is under continual development!
Community features become available to you as they are released.
Compare Patreon vs. OSR+ subscriptions to choose one that's right for you.
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Do you support us on Patreon? You can log in with Patreon, and all your membership tier perks will be applied to your existing OSR+ account. Or, if you haven't signed up for an account yet, connecting with Patreon will create one for you, all in one click. Login with Patreon

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The Adventure Begins With You

Manage your gear, spells, and adventuring journal all in one place. The Character Creator makes available all the rules from every OSR+ world in one point-and-click interface, with step-by-step guidance for creating heroes. No fumbling through 500-page rulebooks to go through character creation!

Access the Character Creator on desktop or mobile devices
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A Brief History
of the Game

Advanced Old School Revival (OSR+) takes its name from the Old School Revival, but also borrows liberally from modern storygaming. Learn how OSR+ came about during the height of the pandemic.

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