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Core Rules


Abilities help you perform tasks. There are seven types of ability in OSR+:

  • Kits are learned abilities that derive from the sort of life you lead as an adventurer. Your kit sets you apart from other adventurers of your class.
  • Skills are learned abilities you obtain with adventuring experience. Skills improve attribute checks.
  • Talents are unique abilities derived from your character's origin. They provide a special benefit and/or advantage and disadvantage to attributes.
  • Techniques are unique abilities derived from your adventuring class. They make certain tasks easier for you to perform than other adventurers.
  • Stances are opportunities to refine your character concept by taking an ability that makes it easier to do the things you already do as an adventurer.
  • Deeds of valor are cinematic actions martial heroes can take to bolster their efforts in encounter and exploration modes. 

Magic Penalties

For example, the Spy kit grants this ability:


You are a master of disguise and a professional pretender. For 2 MP, you can make a skill check as if you were proficient in that skill. Given enough time to prepare, you may expend a cheap supply to create a near-perfect impersonation of your target. Make a Performance check to establish a stealth score for your disguise.

Using a kit ability is a form of physical or mental exhaustion; in the case of the Spy, you're pretending to be competent at a skill that you don't actually know, and this takes great focus to pull off. Because the use of MP in this way is not magical, magic penalties do not apply when calculating the cost to use the ability.

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