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Declaring Items from Supply

In the Supply tab, you can declare items from the three default supply types: Consumable, Cheap, and Luxury. Click the Declare button to open the Declare [Supply Type] form. You can edit the amount of supply you have for each type with the Add or Remove buttons, or by editing the number field directly.

The default types are Consumable, Cheap, and Luxury

Adding Typed Supply

Sometimes you may need to keep track of Typed Supply. Click the lock icon to reveal the buttons that control Typed Supply.

  • Click Create to add new Typed Supply with the Create Type form.
  • Select a Typed Supply and click Delete to delete the Typed Supply.
  • Click Switch to switch the default supply with your type, so you can declare items.
You can add as many types of supply as desired.

Declaring Items from Typed Supply

Once you've created Typed Supply, you can select it and then click Switch to make the Typed Supply replace its default. For example, if you created a "Mining" Typed Supply, you can click "Mining" and then click Switch. You'll see that "Mining" replaces Consumable, and you can now manage how much Mining supply there is, as well as declare items from Mining.

Switch to your Typed Supply to Declare Items from It.

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