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A Quest of QueensHistory

The Lords' Alliance

But knowledge of the world unknown comes with a price. Under the cosmic light of Mushtarie, they were transformed. Lost was the immortality granted to them by the goddess Yevna. Thus, beset by the children of Asag who held dominion over the earth, the first of Men were born into plight and suffering.

Yet the first of Men were strong. And in this Second Age a man was born who would lead his Lords to drive out the children of Asag into the uttermost North. And as the fires of Asag cooled, this man united the Lords of Men, whereupon the worship of the One God Avestar was established, he as its mortal servant.

In the Castle Moongarm in Moruin, the Lords of Men forged an Alliance, and into the Foundation Stone they etched each of their heralds, so that the Congress of Judges could bind their allegiance all the same. By the wisdom of the Judges, the lands equally divided make up the dominion of Men:

To the East go the Lords of Vanis;
Across the Ocean of Furies go the Lords of Altea;
To the West go the Lords of Arcanum;
To the South go the Lords of Mordavia;
and to the North go the Lords of Arcadia;

Thus for a time the Lords' Alliance reigns, and there is prosperity and trade, with the Indigo and the Far Reach; with Arcanum and Al Tufail; with Sirokos and the Anointed Lands, all the way to the Northern Wastes and all the way to the Polar South.

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