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About Arcadia

Arcadia is birthplace of the Lords' Alliance, a vast realm containing the provinces Moruin, Albarith, Ambion, and Idania. The realm contains a variety of geographies, due to its size, and stretches all the way to the Northern Wastes, the Ocean of Furies, the shores of Arcanum, and the Black Sea in the south.

In the Castle Moongarm, the Foundation Stone symbolizes the unity of the Lords' Alliance, which was created to bring peace to the land after the exile of Asag's children from Midworld.

After The Fall, Arcadia became the battlegrounds of the newly proclaimed Emperor of Arcadia, who sought to unify the provinces under his rule.

The Lords' Alliance

Before the Decree of the One God, the Lords operated in concert with one another to fulfill their oath to Midworld, pledging never to impinge upon each other’s sovereignty. This pact was reinforced by the watchful eye of Muraius, from on high.



  • A seat of power in Arcadia, the province of Albarith is the homeland of Lord Gazreth and his royal line. Albarith is a peaceful, scholarly country, with mild weather and beautiful forest made up of giant trees called the Blackwood. Its crystalline lakes, the Mortania and the Nonas Three, are the shores for many idyllic manses in which the Governors of Albarith reside. The Albarithi worship the First-Order God Taelos. Read More
  • Ambion is the academic nexus of the world, second only to the libraries that lie within the Magic City itself. At its heart is the Library of Ambion, an ancient repository of knowledge assembled over thousands of generations of human history. While the land of Ambion is mostly temperate countryside ungoverned by any specific Lord of Arcadia, it remains a crossroads of information trade for all who travel to it. Read More
  • The rebel province of Idania is home to Lady Katreus and Lord Zoltan, whose people actively resist the Emperor's reign. It is a center for commerce at the edge of the Empire and home to a large population of Mora gypsies who were displaced at the founding of Arcanum. Read More
  • Though Moruin is regarded as a country unto itself, its north lacks any substantive civilization. The land is barren and cold, containing difficult terrain and fierce wildlife that include creatures descended from the children of Asag. The only city in its midst is Skohl, a military stronghold which is considered the civilization farthest north in all the world. There, the Emperor's most powerful strategists, soldiers, and advocates serve among the bitter frost. Read More

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