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With magic unleashed upon the world, new secrets have been uncovered and old powers renewed. Greed sets the Lords of Men against each other; nowhere is safe, as coming war threatens to destroy what remains of the World of Ruin. Many enemies survive The Queen Who Lives, including her treacherous sister, who has made her claim to the throne known. You are a survivor of The Fall. How will you help The Queen Who Lives restore balance to the world?

Playing A Quest of Queens

You play a subject of The Queen Who Lives, whose quest to restore the world to balance begins with your pledge of loyalty to her cause.

Beset on all sides by enemies who seek to ensure the Queen's extinction, you must seek out ancient sources of power, build coalitions with unlikely allies, and brave the wreckage of the World of Ruin to claim the throne of the High People before the Queen's evil sister takes her seat.

Choosing an Archetype

When you create a hero in A Quest of Queens, choose an archetype that represents your role in the Queen's retinue. (Someone can play the Queen herself, if they want.) Play typically starts after every hero has accepted a pledge of fealty to The Queen Who Lives, but it's entirely possible to run A Quest of Queens with heroes who are not yet acquainted with her quest, and who have to be won over.

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