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After the Fall

Concerning The Fall of Muraius; the Rise of the Empire of Arcadia; and the Decree of the One God

38 PL

Present Day

This is the time in which A QUEST OF QUEENS takes place, when the Queen Who Lives decides to embark on her quest to reclaim her throne.

0 AL

The Fall

The Great Crystal is destroyed, causing the Magic City to fall to the earth. World-shaking cataclysms ensue, leading to the unleashing of ancient powers and a power vacuum that encourages widespread conflict among the Lords of Men.

~60 AL - 0 AL

The Long Night

A betrayal occurs among the Houses of the Yevim on Muraius, leading to the cracking of the Great Crystal and the events of The Long Night.

78 AL

Decree of the One God

Lord Gazreth Estrise declares the Decree of the One God, naming himself Emperor of Arcadia.

Before the Fall

Concerning the Exodus of Muraius, the Origins of Men, and The Great War Against the Colossi

500 AL

The Lords' Alliance

The Lords’ Alliance is forged in the Castle Moongarm and the last Colossi on earth is slain in his ore foundry at Nithaven, which is named The Fulcrum.

600 AL

End of The Great War

The Great War concludes and the Lords of Men come together to rebuild civilization.

700 AL

The Great War

The Great War begins against the children of Asag, plunging the entire world into chaos.

800 AL

The Rallying of Men

The disparate tribes of the First Men are united by the first Lord, who helps them drive Asag’s children into the North.

4000 AL

Of the Exodus to Midworld

A sect of Yevim, curious of the surface world, travel to it and are transformed under the cosmic light of Mushtarie. These are the First Men.

The First Age

Concerning the Creation Myth of the High People; the Rise of Yevim Civilization; and the Banishment of Asag.

6500 AL

The Founding of Muraius

After the Iphendi seal Asag in the Lake of Fire, the Yevim rule peacefully for one thousand years atop the floating continent Muraius, which is said to have been conjured into existence by a single word.

7000 AL

The War of the Ancients

The Yevim, led by Elsene, engage Asag and her Colossi in a war that lasts nearly five hundred years. In the end, Elsene casts Asag into the mountain Ur, where she is sealed at its seat for eternity.

10,000 AL

The Communion with Yevna

Elsene, the first Queen of the High People, communes with Yevna, leading to the rise of Yevim civilization.

100,000 AL

The Awakening

Yevna awakens life on earth.

AL = Antelapsarian, meaning, "before the fall."
PL = Postlapsarian, meaning, "after the fall."

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