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A Quest of QueensHistory

The Fall of Muraius

Until that day, the violent waters of the Conamura Chaos remind us that The Fall was a very real event, with very real consequences, reaching far and wide, bringing an age of turmoil upon us like no other. Such is the cause of the World of Ruin. A dark place, a place that comes after. A place that I recognize as my home.

The fairytale goes like this: There was once a Magic City in the sky, powered by a Great Crystal; it was the source of all magic on the earth, and all nations bowed to the dominion of its People. Muraius, the Magic City. Muraius, the Hidden City. 

For some, the firm hand of the High People and their control over the Great Crystal ensured peace. The Art was theirs alone to possess. But for others, it was a subtle tyranny. For a thousand years they held dominion from the skies.

But then… the Great Crystal cracked.

The High People were betrayed. A cataclysm destroyed their City, and it fell to the earth.

With the High City fallen, magic was unleashed across the land. New secrets uncovered, old powers renewed.

The Lords of Men saw an opportunity to fill the power vacuum, but their greed set them against each other. Lord against liege; brother against brother. The Lords of Arcadia seeks to rule by faith, the truth revealed by the One God Avestar. The Lords of Vanis seeks to rule by birthright, denying the gods their sovereignty over Man. And the Dread Legion will not be ruled at all... They seek to retake the skies by force.

But what of the High People, scattered as they are among the land? What of the great storm that persists over the Ocean of Furies?

A wound in the world that cannot be healed; a memory of power lost to the deep.

Are you sure?