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The Magic City

Before The Fall, Muraius was the seat of power of the High People, a floating continent that could only be reached by ascending Mt. Helicon in the middle of the Ocean of Furies and passing across a mystical doorway called the Bridge of Teyat, at the top of the mountain. Muraius was powered by a mythical lodestone called the Great Crystal, which was the source of all magic in Corscova.

The cities of Muraius are legendary, illustrious metropolises that have withstood the test of time. Few are permitted to travel to Muraius without the consent of the Muraian Senate and the Queen of the High People. Because of this, Muraius and its legendary contents are often referred to as "The Magic City" by Midworlders.

Somewhere within Muraius, perhaps in the Praxim of the Ancients, it is said the God Tree exists, a physical incarnation of the Goddess Yevna on earth.

After the Fall, the Magic City of Muraius collapsed into the Ocean of Furies, creating a giant whirlpool called the Conamura Chaos. The resulting devastation caused massive destruction to the shores of surrounding realms.

The Magic University

This venerated University is home to the Guild of Magic, a sacred institution of arcane knowledge that trains sorcerous adepts from all over the world. The Archmagi who teach here study the Great Crystal under the purview of the Queen of the High People.

People & Culture

The majority of Muraians are High People, though large populations of Nim reside there, as their ancestors built Muraius. The Daemon live in the Aerie, which surrounds Muraius in outlying floating isles. Muraians almost exclusively worship the Elder God Yevna.



  • The Aerie once constituted the archipelago of floating isles surrounding Muraius that formed a protective vanguard around the continent and its inhabitants. After The Fall, the isles became abandoned ruins, some of which were shattered and fell to the earth, others flung thousands of miles from the Conamura Chaos. Read More
  • The God Tree is a physical incarnation of the Goddess Yevna on earth; a massive, divine Yew tree that grows in the Praxim of the Ancients.


  • Arietis
  • Harmonia
  • Telephassa


  • Caretakers' Gardens


  • It is said that the Magic City is as old, if not older, than the High People themselves, having come into existence at the time of the creation of the Great Crystal. Its tradition of guiding the study of magic under the instruction of three Archmagi through what is called the Guild of Magic has been maintained for thousands of years


  • Praxim of the Ancients


  • Spire of Jerathial
  • Spire of Thaast

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