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AboutMeet the Creators

Jon Parsons

Setting Designer

Jon Parsons (N/G, Benefactor) grew up in Southeastern, PA where he spent his formative years memorizing monster manuals. As a young adult, he moved to NYC with dreams of pursuing a career in acting. Like many actors, Jon found most of his work in restaurant dining rooms rather than theater stages.

But curtains were not drawn on his career: Jon quickly grew to despise showbiz and instead found his true love in hospitality. He left behind Brooklyn for Boston, where he founded the waterfront restaurant Sam's with his brother and sister-in-law, and later The Maiden in Southie. In Boston, Jon met an enterprising young man named Daniel Quinn (with whom he quickly bonded over a shared love for nerdy things and alcohol) and some other dame that he'd go on to marry.

In 2019, Jon returned to his native PA, sadly leaving DQ behind, but a pandemic allowed the two reunite in the world of OSR+. Jon is the host of Dungeons & Flagons and is responsible for the campaign setting The Great White North. He currently lives the dream of filling his days with endless love, booze, and RPGs.

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