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A Quest of QueensLore

Decree of the One God

After The Fall, this was Lord Gazreth's order to the hosts of Arcadia in Castle Moongarm, that his reign should extend to all the shores of the world, and that he should rule over the planet as the Emperor of Arcadia.

The Decree of the One God and the violence that ensued in the Council of Albarith came as a shock to his compatriots and to his peers within the Lords' Alliance. What brought the noble Lord Gazreth to declare himself Emperor of all Arcadia remains a mystery to all, even his closest advisors, but all can testify to the fact that the Emperor's descent into madness grew with each day passing.

According to skalds who recant the day of the Decree and the breaking of the Lords' Alliance, the moment Lord Gazreth's men seized Grael Fastness in Albarith, the Foundation Stone in Moongarm cracked.

The Decree marks the beginning of his Empire of Arcadia.

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