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A Quest of QueensLore


No one knows where the Strongmen came from, but it's easy to tell a Strongman from a regular human because they all share a similar physicality. These bald, muscle-bound clones, despite their name, come in both male and female designs. It is said they lack souls, and thus magic is not their forte. They are brooding, loyal, and fiercely independent.


The Strongmen are a relatively new race in the history of the world; the earliest records of their existence date back to the epoch of time before the Lords of Men drove Asag's children into the north. Their lack of a common culture or society makes uncovering their true origins a nearly impossible task. Strongmen do not travel together, nor do they congregate for a collective purpose. Instead, Strongmen tend to pledge their sword to a specific cause, contract, or person, and only for the time it serves them.

The mystery of their origins is further complicated by their accelerated aging process, a possible consequence of their cloned nature. Strongmen only survive between fifty and sixty years, reaching maturity in less than ten. Though interbreeding is possible between humans and Strongmen, few have ever witnessed the birth of a Strongmen sired by other Strongmen, for such couplings only last long enough to rear the child.

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