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Character CreatorTutorial

Realm Settings

The Character Creator was designed to support an unlimited number of campaign settings called editions that introduce new classes, kits, archetypes, spells, etc into the system. For premium users, the Character Creator grants access to all editions available in the system, so you mix and match content from A Quest of Queens or God Beyond the Portal or Ride the Lighting as your GM permits. As a free user, you have access to the A Quest of Queens campaign setting as part of the core rules.

Choosing a Core Rules

By default, OSR+ uses the OSR+ Fantasy Core Rules. In the future, other core rules such as OSR+ Scifi Core Rules and OSR+ Modern Core Rules will unlock content unique to that genre and be free to all users. You can select here which core rules you want by default included in the Creator. In turn, this will reveal editions that work with that core rules.

Choosing Editions

Editions introduce additional content into the Character Creator. For example, if you select A Quest of Queens, this will introduce factions, languages, and cultures unique to that edition. Other editions may add unique origins or classes, etc.

Excluding Core Rules

By default, when you select a core rules, the Creator imports default content unique to that core rules (see below). If you'd like to exclude a specific set of content from being imported by a core rules, you may choose the type of content to exclude here.

This is useful if you're playing an edition that has a unique set of origins, for example, and you only want to select from origins in that edition.

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