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When you enter your Attributes, the Character Creator will calculate all your relevant ability scores based on everything it knows about your hero at that stage. The Attributes tab does not take into account any perks you've added to your Attributes through Experience.

changing your Origin or Class will reset your Attributes.

Choosing Deed Dice

Martial heroes receive a Deed of Valor for every level of experience. Choose a level, then select an Attribute to correspond with the deed die you want to earn.

Only Martial Heroes have Deeds of Valor.

Choosing Skill Specialties

If you need to enter one or more specialties for a skill, you can click into the skill and enter the specialty in the field that appears in the Selections Sidebar. Clicking the + button within the specialty will allow you to enter multiple specialties for that skill.

each specialty you enter counts against the total skills you have available to learn.

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