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Your Inventory displays declared items, treasures, and armament (armor, weapons, and shields). Each item occupies a number of slots equal to its size. You can have a number of slots equal to your Mighty + 10 before you are encumbered.

Item Size in character Creator

Item SizeSlotsExamples
Tiny0Feathers, coins, rings, gems, candle, soap
Small1Handheld mirror, book, rope, potion, lantern or torch, a day's rations, scroll
Medium3Sword, shield, backpack, quiver, helmet, shovel, bedroll
Large5Suit of armor, rolled up tent, chair, bear trap, 1000 gold
Bulky7Wagon wheel, cauldron, barrel, bathtub

You can also declare items in your inventory without using supply or spending gold (for example, you found the item in a dungeon) with the Add Item form. Finally, you can also edit the amount of gold you carry in the Gold panel.

Editing Inventory Items

If you hover over an item, you can Equip or Edit it. When editing an item, the Selections Sidebar will display the Edit Item form, which allows you to Save your changes or Delete the item.

Editing Armament & Treasure

Each armament and treasure item belongs to a respective class. For example, a Whip belongs to the Reach weapon class. If you hover over an armament, you can Equip or Edit it. When editing the item, the Selections Sidebar will allow you to change to another armament within its class (for example, to "Chain").

Equipping Items

All items can be equipped (although whether you should equip them depends on the circumstances of the fiction). When you equip an item, it no longer counts against the number of inventory slots you have available. If you hover over and item, click the open hand icon to Equip it; if the item is already equipped, click the closed hand icon to Unequip it.

Customizing Icons

You can choose custom icons for inventory items that are not armaments or treasures (those items have their own icons). Click the supply type icon when adding the item, and the icon selection screen will appear. You can search across the icons for keywords, then click an icon to assign it as the icon for your newly declared item. This will help you differentiate between items in your inventory at a glance.

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