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Character CreatorTutorial

Basics & Background

Name & Catchphrase

Your hero's Name and Catchphrase will save shortly after you enter text into these fields. The "I am a/n" field helps you describe your character in two key adjectives, and is entirely optional. These adjectives are used to categorize your hero elsewhere in the site.

Choose an Avatar

You can use the dropdown filters to search across the large OSR+ library of fantasy avatars. Alternatively, if you click your default avatar, you can upload an image from your computer. The following formats are supported: JPG, GIF, and PNG. Your file needs to be less than 2 MB in filesize, and the best pixel dimensions are 1024x1280; any image you upload will be sized to fit these proportions.

Making Selections

Most selections in the Character Creator require you to make a selection, then save that selection in the Selections Sidebar. Click Choose to save the selection, or Reset to delete your selection. Cancel will restore the Selections Sidebar to its default instructions.

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