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The give chase or flee action lets you structure a dynamic chase scene while in encounter mode. The action helps break down what's happening in the scene in a way that's both discrete and abstract. The goal of the action is to simulate the chaos and excitement contained in a high stakes pursuit, whether the PCs are the hunters or the prey.

About Pursuit Tactics

What's important to remember when running this action is that the pursuit tactics are there to help you assess progress on the clock, not to help the players decide what to do. That is, when the players are deciding what to do when their initiative comes up, have them describe what they're doing from the perspective of the fiction, not from the perspective of the tactics. It's your job to resolve their action as a tactic in order to assess whether they earn success toward moving the clock.

The example provided in the core rules is overly explicit about what tactic is being used to make it clear how PC actions resolve into pursuit tactics, but generally you should encourage the PC to talk in terms of fictional rather than mechanical intent.

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