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Tabletop RPGs have been around for more than half a century, so the number of resources at your fingertips may feel overwhelming. Below is a quick overview regarding tools that will help you run a more immersive game of OSR+.

Organizational Tools

Note-taking as a GM is a highly personal process, and if you're doing just fine with a spiral notebook, then maybe digital tools and online platforms may not be for you. Part of what makes the OSR the OSR is its DIY approach to just about everything. This is why we think using the best tool for the job is the way to go, even if it means cobbling together a whole bunch of disparate tools.

Worldbuilding Tools

Save yourself time in prep. The tools you select to help you worldbuild shouldn't get in your way by posing huge learning curves or generate opinionated content that won't be flexible enough to gel with your campaign.

Physical Props

If you're playing at the table, physical props go a long way to set the mood. Here is a simple list of props to consider for your game.

Remote Play

As a system, OSR+ is agnostic with respect to whether it's played remotely or in person, however 99% of our playtesting was carried out remotely. Nowadays it's extremely easy to run a remote game, and we find that playing remotely can be just as immersive as playing in person, given the right tools.


Few things do better to set the table than an appropriate soundtrack, especially in remote play. Keep a massive library of curated playlists in Spotify, categorized by atmosphere, locale, creature type, and combat. Playlists are useful if they're organized in such a way that all you have to do is click shuffle and play, and rest assured knowing that any music in the list will suit the situation at hand.

AI Tools

Probably by the time this is written, the AI tool recommendations will have dramatically changed. The advent of AI art and writing tools is quickly transforming the gaming landscape, and as a GM they can take your prep to another level. Here's a lay of the land.

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