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AboutMeet the Creators

Daniel J. Quinn

System Creator

Daniel Quinn (L/G, Guardian) grew up in a retirement community called Deltona, Florida, where he spent his teenage years avoiding suburb-sized sinkholes and bath salt-powered cannibals. The lure of perpetual winters encouraged him to relocate to New England. If you ask him where he’s from, he’ll say Queens, New York.

Most of his career, Daniel's worked as an Internet janitor (you know, the kind of job where you create digital brochures they call "websites" for soulless marketing corporations) throughout the city of Boston. His background is in traditional publishing and creative writing. When he's not wasting his time on the Internet, Daniel reads science fiction and listens to late '90s trip hop.

Daniel lives in Arlington, Massachusetts with his wife and a grumble of imaginary pugs. You can listen to his rantings on the podcast Worldbuild With Us, where he creates fantastical worlds with his co-hosts Rob Hilferty and Courtney Staples.

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