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AboutMeet the Creators

David DeWitt

Game Ops

David DeWitt (C/N, Radical) is a Florida native who continues to survive in the climate-doomed wilds of Central Florida, despite the encroach of the South's roving cannibal motorcycle gangs. David lived briefly in New Jersey, but decided the trash dump of a state was worse than possibly being eaten by the cannibals.

His career started in the hellish death camps of retail before he segued into real estate financing, where he manages the fates of overpriced mortgagees.

The Vanna White of game ops, David is a one-man video production team and technical wizard with an eye for concept design. David met Daniel Quinn when they were in fifth grade, so he's shed an inordinate amount of blood, sweat, and tears in the creation of OSR+. When he's not playing RPGs into the wee hours, you can find David on Twitch streaming games under the username KelsesGaming.

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