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AboutMeet the Creators

Courtney Staples

Art Director

Courtney Staples (C/G, Champion) grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which for approximately four months out of the year is a tourist trap, and the other eight, an opioid-fueled hellscape. Courtney's art background is in graphic design and illustration and she's also an accomplished sound and video editor. In her career, she's worked for both nonprofit and government agencies, but we can't talk about the latter because it involved killing human beings for money.

Courtney's eye (of Sauron) keeps OSR+ from looking like a butt. When she's not drawing or sound editing, Courtney enjoys long stalks on the Internet, daydreaming about ritual blood sacrifices, and post-apocalypse speculative fiction. If you're ever looking for a literate perspective on the collapse of civilization, Courtney is your man.

Check out Courtney's digital media design capstone about the end of the world,, or visit her at You can also listen to her rantings on the podcast Worldbuild With Us, where she creates fantastical worlds with her co-hosts Rob Hilferty and Daniel Quinn.

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